Train Rides

Afternoon train
The Railroad Museum operates scheduled train rides on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays from April 1st until the weekend before Thanksgiving.
The trains operate to and from Ardenwood and Deer Park Stations, both stations have ramps allowing 'wheeled' visitors the ability to ride.

Trains also operate on days when Ardenwood Historic Farm Regional Park is having a special event. These include the museum's Saturday 'Train Adventure' days and EBRPD events like Harvest Festival and 4th of July.

Every Labor Day weekend, the trains are pulled by visiting steam engines brought in for our annual Rail Fair. 

Trains are pulled by one of our switch locomotives using open air picnic cars converted from century old flatcars.  Picnic cars were historically used by 19th and early 20th century railroads to carry groups of tourists on excursions during the seasonal slack periods.

The train ride will take you through farm's fields and then through the North Woods of Ardenwood.  At Deer Park Station a short walk will take you to the farmyard and Patterson House or you can ride the train back (when space is available).