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The Restoration Analysis for NWP Caboose 6101
by Kevin Bunker
This is much more than a technical report. The text, photos, and drawings reads like a fascinating history book and encompasses the complex history that took place during the working life of the caboose... from the 1906 Earthquake, to mergers and acquisitions, to a shipbuilder trying to save the caboose, and more.

Published 2017 as a 124 Page PDF (22.1 MB) This will be sent in two attachment files. 
Restoration Report: West Side Lumber Flatcars 205, 222, 308
by Bruce MacGregor .
This report uses text, images, and drawings to summarize the history of Westside Lumber Company's flatcars and outlines the history of WSL flatcar purchases, the acquisition of the cars by the SPCRR, and restoration plans for these cards.

Published 2018 as a 31 page PDF (2.1 MB) This is sent as a single attachment


 John Hall Design: 3D Printed HOn3 Rolling Stock, Catalog and Assembly Instructions
by John Hall.
The Railroad Museum at Ardenwood is pleased to share this catalog for our longtime member, modeller  John Hall.

This is the complete catalog and Assembly Instructions.

John designed these HOn3 models for use on his 1886 South Pacific Coast model railroad. He is offering his designs to the model railroad community and receiving no compensation in order to share his enjoyment creating the models.

The models can be ordered directly from this PDF Catalog. Click on each image to take you to Shapeways where you can purchase that model. The models are available with no markup, only the Shapeways cost to print it.

On the Shapeways page click on the 3D icon in the
upper right corner of the model image. This will give you a rotatable zoomable 3D view of the car.
Free to
download catalog.
(see catalog for details)
The Railroad Museuem at Ardenwood and the Society for the Preservation of Carter Railroad Resources  receives no compensation for
this item