The Museum Reference Library

These books are in downloadable PDF format. You will need a browser capable of viewing PDF documents. The majority of these books were digitized by the Google Books Project and are all in the public domain. Other eBook formats may be available directly from the Google Books Project

Title Disk Size Format
Cyclopedia of Civil Engineering (1920) 32 MB PDF
Elements of Railroad Track and Construction (1915) 10 MB PDF
Maintenance of Way Standards on American Railways (1906) 14 MB PDF
Notes on Track Construction and Maintenance (1904) 72 MB PDF
The Car Builder's Dictionary of American Practice (1879) 46 MB PDF
The Car Builder's Dictionary (1895) 103 MB PDF
The Road-masters Assistant and Section-masters Guide (1878) 9 MB PDF
The Trackman's Helper (1898) 5 MB PDF